About Marc O'Brien

For nearly a decade and a half  Marc O’Brien learned the importance of communication
when he transitioned from therapeutic horse back riding with a leader and two side walkers to independent jumping competition, in the South Florida Hunter/Jumper Association. He gained national recognition while competing in this program.

The former New Jersey resident participated in the disabled riding program, Special People United to Ride, in Monmouth County New Jersey, and at the South Wind Farm program in Davie, Florida. The riding experiences at these two venues, along with the jumper competition enabled Marc to learn many valuable interpersonal concepts. Lessons that were learned included sensitivity, teamwork, and respect for the unexpected. Marc earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts from Barry University during his stay in South Florida.

Throughout his professional career he has developed numerous ways to disseminate information in an effective manner. His experience has enabled him to develop positive relationships that can translate into effective public relations. Now living in Las Vegas, Marc continues to utilize his creative talents to effectively communicate messages and ideas in a concise manner.

Young Writer

Even at a young age, Marc always knew he wanted to write. Whether it was a well-written homework assignment or pieces ranging from journalism to artistic creations he actually knew then that someday his words would reach out to assist others in understanding life’s ultimate conflicts.

Therapeutic Horse Back Riding

Life’s experiences are what Marc’s writing is all about. Despite a physical disability the athletic activity provided by horseback riding and the relationships developed were invaluable.