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Special Person to Ride
How do you teach a special person to ride? Author Marc O’Brien creatively pairs fiction and non-fiction into a heartwarming story about therapeutic horseback riding. The trusting relationships
formed with a horse, special person Jason Michael Bates nicknamed Ducky, and three young equestrian volunteers teach all characters valuable lessons you cannot learn in the classroom.

Price: Special Person to Ride Book $14.95

Peteeatrick Panda Coloring Books

Available in English and Spanish
(Special bulk rate or license to print with authors permission.
Price: $4.95 each - English
Price: $4.95 each - Spanish

Peter The Peteeatrick Panda’s™ Playground BOOK
Children 5 years old to preteen will enjoy this chapter book. The series of short stories about a cuddly, lovable panda bear’s adventures with friends, nurses, and hospital experiences is heartwarming. Each story is told in child-friendly language easy enough for an 8 year old to read and learn on their own. It is a wonderful pairing of non-fiction and fiction to teach children about life experiences.

Price: Book $19.95

Stuffed Panda Bear
A fluffy, cuddly, cool, ten (10) inch panda bear with sunglasses. His name Peter The Peteeatrick Panda™ is inscribed on his removable red shirt. His message tag says: I am your friend: Hug Me; Squeeze Me; Talk to Me; Tell Me if you Hurt.

Price: Panda Bear with Peter’s full name $12.95

Finger Puppet / Book Mark

A 6 1/2 inch adorable panda book mark/finger puppet. Great for all children but especially good for sick children to play with in bed. His removable red shirt has the name Peter inscribed.

Price: Book Mark/ Finger Puppet $5.95

A pencil with the colorful picture of Peter The Peteeatrick Panda™ vertically imprinted.

Price: Pencil $1.95

Entire Package Includes: Book, Coloring Book, Finger Puppet/Book Mark and Pencil






Price: Package for all of the above $36.95

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