Copywriting is a good, convenient way to make money. You can fit it into your schedule easily, and anyone can get into it, as there are no specific qualifications required. As such, however, there are many who are showing an interest in this developing field. Competition for web copywriting jobs can be fierce if you are just starting out, so here are five ways to develop your career as a copywriter on the web:

Web Copywriting Career
Web Copywriting Career

Practice, Practice, Practice

By practicing, you will develop not only your style, but also your speed and accuracy. This is very helpful, as content is not the only important aspect of online copywriting; speed is also paramount. The better you are at meeting deadlines, the more valuable you will be as a web copywriter.


Reading whatever you can get your hands on will enable you to compare your skills to those of other writers, and also motivate you to improve your skills. Reading also provides you with a fount of information; general information is often all that is needed for web writing projects, and so a good base of knowledge will cut your time spent writing and researching in half.


As web copywriting does not require you to head to the office every morning, the familiar environs of your home may tempt you to procrastinate. Consider the benefits of staying on task, however: not only will you please clients by meeting their deadlines, but you will finish more articles, which means more money for you.

Stay Connected

Clients do not want to hear excuses about an unreliable internet connection. Make sure you have fast and reliable Internet access in order to ensure that projects are received and submitted on time.


Copywriting is no different than any other product or service; you need to let your potential clients know that you exist. Exploit internet forums that are designed for freelancers like you; you will be able to advertise your skills there, and find new projects. A blog displaying positive testimonies from past clients and featuring a good portrayal of your writing will also prove to be an invaluable tool. The last piece of advice is to right a press release and circulate it through the relevant news channels.

We are Hiring

Here at Marc O’Briens we are always on the lookout for talented copywriters especially those with a history of working on Amazon product pages. Please feel free to get in touch via our contact page and we will get back to you.


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