Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has entirely transformed how businesses operate on the internet. Once merely a brief contact and information site for a business, those same websites have now become revenue-generating meccas. This is largely due to advent of more and more sophisticated search engines that encouraged users to find what they were looking for online. Now, getting into a search engine’s top ten results page means a business on the Internet becomes significantly more successful at a much less cost.

How SEO works

How exactly does this SEO stuff work and what does it do? Very simply, this process connects your website to a search result via the use of a certain keyword (or phrase) so that anytime somebody searches for a specific topic (say, ‘oranges’), your site will ideally be the one of the four or five they find and visit. There are different aspects to SEO copywriting techniques and the more you can employ, the greater your chances of ranking higher in the search results.

How does SEO work
How does SEO work?

SEO works through a simple indexing system. Most search engines retain the use of ‘web-crawler’ or ‘spider-bots’ that crawl websites, indexing them according to certain criteria. This means that your content will need to be of very high quality with the right kind of keywords sprinkled in the right amount and in the right places. Yes, there is a lot that needs to be done ‘right’ before this works. The use of meta tags is also key to the spider search, so make sure you add in the right kind of keywords in that space.

SEO – online and offline

This is an especially cost-effective and beneficial process if your business is a small start-up and you are not too well known, both online and offline. If you can locate some excellent SEO technology manipulators, it is an investment you cannot afford to ignore. Not only will your traffic (clicks or hits) go up tremendously, but if you are credible and valuable enough as a business, then the viral traffic alone could keep you going for many months to come. Viral traffic is essentially the spread of your website through word-of-mouth and people linking up to your website. You can be sure of a good proportion seriously checking out your products and services with some buying right then and there.

Getting targeted traffic

And not only do you get increasing amounts of traffic, it is largely targeted traffic. And this means that the person now at your website is there because they want to be there, not because they stumbled across it by accident and are impatiently clicking the ‘back’ button to leave. Your website is automatically tenfold more useful to them and both parties gain something of value from this. A pretty win-win situation, really.


You need to get serious about it though. Whether you buy an SEO technology product online or put in the time and effort into the research that effective SEO requires, it’s going to take some investment to get some return. Your website needs this kind of professional nurturing to stay healthy and on top of the pack.


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